14/10/2017All news

HITZINGER NBDK 2.500 kVA Container System Hitzinger Austria and Hitzinger UK are pleased to announce the delivery of a NBDK 2.500 kVA Container System in June 2017. The HITZINGER NBDK System provides reliable uninterruptible power supply with high availability and quality. The kinetic energy module, alternator and coupling choke work together to provide power conditioning and ride-through energy for the DRUPS system, whilst the diesel engine ensures the long-term back-up in the event of a mains failure. The client for this unit had exacting requirements for the units and restricted space to work with, so in partnership with Hitzinger Austria and the UK office a bespoke DRUPS unit has been created. Our turnkey solution included concept & design, development, manufacturing, testing and commissioning. You can trust in our experience, innovative power and reliability. We are your reliable partner when it comes to clean, uninterrupted power supply. Thanks to our range of services, we can ensure smooth operation and maximum system availability.