Over 70 years of experience

Dipl.-Ing. Walter founded Hitzinger in 1946 and evolved swiftly from a company dealing with repairs on damaged electric and incineration motors into a major electric powered appliance construction firm. As early as 1955, Hitzinger launched its first synchronous alternator of its own design on the market.

Walter Hitzinger valued the significance of driven staff and saw this as an essential foundation to success. With the motivation of communal assistance, Walter established a firm basis of collaboration that lead to staff contribution in the company. As a result, the instituting of a significant apprentice workshop and a management board that included employees amidst its members.

Practicable and structural aptitude

Walter Hitzinger was an innovator and a visionary, an unbiased, motivated coordinator and a professional of industry development. Walter gained experience by working for a various supplementary businesses. As director general of the joined Austrian metal and Steelworks, VÖEST, he learnt the required tools required to start his manufacturing flagship proposing high communal contributions at the identical time as consigning advanced productivity. As chairman of the management board of Daimler-Benz AG, he expressively expanded the market share of Mercedes in the then mid-size segment, simultaneously with his “associate” Dipl. Ing. Hans Schäcke, his original executive partner, Walter Hitzinger shortly forged an established connotation between visionary discovery and continued structural growth established on Hitzinger’s highest resource – its workforce. Before long the attention on turn-key solutions delivered numerous lifelong customer relationships.

1946 to 1961

  • 1946 – Foundation of Dipl.-Ing. Hitzinger KG as business house with service workshop
  • 1948 – Dipl.-Ing. Hans Schäcke becomes partner of Dipl-Ing. Hitzinger KG & Co.
  • 1955 – First synchronous alternator of own design built with direct current exciter and mechanical down-regulator.
  • 1958 – Administration moves from Annagasse 3 to Hauptplatz 17 in Linz.
  • 1961 – Firm expands on Schererstraße with departments for windings, switchgear construction and test bay

1961 to 1975

  • 1963 – First UPS system
  • 1968 – First military mass production order of Turkish army
  • 1969 – First synchronous converter for International Atomic Energy Agency in Seibersdorf.
  • 1970 – First brushless alternator
  • 1971 – Opening of today’s company headquarters on Helmholtzstraße.
  • 1975 – Partnership with Dipl.-Ing. Schäcke separates

1975 to 1996

  • 1977 – Firm taken over by Jörg Hitzinger
  • 1980 – Firm taken over by Jörg and Christa Thewanger
  • 1981 – Conversion to Dipl. Ing. Hitzinger GmbH
  • 1993 – Change of ownership in the form of a management buy out by Hubert Platzer, Ing. Helmut Roland and Hermann Gatterbauer
  • 1996 – Company celebrates 50th anniversary with 200 employees

1996 to 2013

  • 2000 – All HITZINGER systems enjoy entirely trouble-free start to new millennium
  • 2006 – 60th anniversary
  • 2008 – HTI AG becomes majority shareholder and appoints Mag. Khinast as managing director
  • 2013 – RLB Steiermark becomes majority shareholder through Diligenta Holding GmbH