About us

Since 1946, HITZINGER have been providing turn-key tailored power solutions. With our absolute commitment to quality, efficiency and reliability. Today we are a leading manufacturer of Rotary Diesel UPS, Diesel Generators, Frequency Converters, Alternators and 400Hz Airport Ground Power.

The HITZINGER production facility is based in Austria Linz and home to over 250 employees, spread over 3 production plants and five product lines. Through our commitment to the UK, our daughter company Hitzinger UK, aims to provide the best in service to all our customers covering our complete product range and offers complete support throughout the project, from concept design to detailed design and commissioning.


Competence and experience

  • International special-purpose machinery construction and system construction
  • Electrical engineering, power electronics
  • Safety systems (controllers for multiple UPS systems)
  • Rotary electric machines (converters, alternators, energy accumulators)
  • System planning (initial information, submission and implementation planning of complete systems)

Experience and development

The innovation power of our company is unbridled and is reflected in the continuous further development of core competencies and constant investment in the improvement of all product divisions, services and business areas. We are dedicated to investing in

  • the expansion of available build sizes for alternators
  • special gensets for rail and industrial applications
  • ensuring full coverage in the area of airport equipment
  • new energy accumulators