The HITZINGER 400Hz Ground Power Units are driven by the aim to minimise the operating costs and to improve handling as well as maintenance, with innovative materials, modern processing technologies and ingenious engineering providing a power range of 30-180 KVA. Our latest generation of 400Hz Ground Power Units, represent a new era in optimised fuel running costs for the aircraft in the flight preparation phase. Using our own Hitzinger alternators allows us to provide enhanced efficiencies with the lowest total cost of ownership of any unit on the market.

Using the lowest running speeds of 1500rpm, the Hitzinger Diesel Driven GPU provides reduced fuel consumption, less maintenance due to less stress and extremely low running noise. Together with all these benefits, the Hitzinger 400Hz Ground Power units provide improved emissions with engines up to a Tier4/COMMs4 standard.

Technical data


  • Towed version
  • Self-propelled version
  • Version for aircraft tugs

Power classes

  • D POWER 90 to 180 kVA

Diesel engines

  • Deutz
  • Cummins

Technical data

  • Voltage: 200/115 VAC
  • Frequency: 400 Hz


  • Ambient temperature: -30 °C to +52 °C
  • Relative humidity: up to 95 %
  • Noise level: <75 dB (A) @ 1 m


  • 28 VDC unit for single or simultaneous operation, continuous load: 600 A, maximum load: 2,500 A
  • 2x28 / 56 VDC for simultaneous operation
  • Modified protection by isolation (IT) in accordance with DFS 400
  • Integration of telematics systems
  • Tailored versions on request

Norms & standards

  • ISO 6858 Version 2
  • EN standards
  • SAE ARP 5015
  • DFS 400
  • BS 2G 219

Technical highlights

The D POWER is characterised by optimised economy and increased efficiency. Low maintenance and extremely easy servicing and operation complete the profile of this purpose-made development. We guarantee you optimum power performance.

Optimised economy
With the engine speed lowered to 1,500 rpm and when used in conjunction with an extremely efficient 400 Hz alternator, the D POWER generation manages to achieve greater economy, particularly as a result of reduced fuel consumption. This in turn leads to lower maintenance costs with extremely low noise emissions.

Increased efficiency
Thanks to the high efficiency of the alternator, independent of the load curve, aircraft can be supplied as economically as possible even under partial load.

Maximum serviceability
The modular arrangement of the switchgear simplifies all service work. Large-size side flaps provide optimum access.

Simplified user operation
The 15.4'' touchpanel of the control station offers intuitive user navigation. Easy to read even in strong sunlight, it is also dust- and water-tight and suitable for use in the most adverse airfield conditions. The resistive touchscreen is straightforward to use even when gloves are worn.